Given that five days a week, i am at a corporate job where even a bright pink would draw too much attention, one beauty indulgence when on  vacation is to have fun with nail polish.  Okay so i wasn’t  vacationing  in St.Tropez sipping a martini with my neon nail painted fingers ….i was just at my grandmoms house, but still..Vacation is a vacation.!

These three bottles are from ‘Claire’s’ in UK. Not the best quality of nail polish, but some very funky neon mattes. I prefer neons to be matte. They are already so striking in color, they dont need a gloss on top! Also i think neons should be worn with shorter or medium length nails. I have a pet peeve with women who have really long nails and then paint them in neon colors (Sonakshi Sinha are you listening?)

Hot Stuff


As you can tell, the polishes are a bit streaky on application, but honestly i dont really care too much about that.My camera has not been able to pick up the intensity of neon-ness in these. If you think the pictures above are bright, in real life these are almost glow-in the dark !!!!

Isnt it a shame that no brand in India makes neon nailpolishes? The only neons in India i have seen are from ‘Flormar’- they retail at New U. 

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