Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to shop for skin care in this country? Every single product seems to be aimed at making you ‘fairer’. Take this innocent little toner. There it was, lying cluelessly in its little white bottle happy in doing its cleaning, and pore tightening job, and then Wham ! Along came a marketing professional and slapped a ‘Fine Fairness’ tag all over it. What is the poor toner supposed to do? 

Neutrogena Claims & Ingredient List

• Special liposome delivery system enhances effectiveness of whitening ingredient to lighten overall complexion

• Vitamin C and Essential Soy™, an exclusive soybean extract, help reduce discolouration and promote even-toned skin.

• Exclusive combination of natural extracts and skin conditioners replenish moisture• Leaves skin soft and smooth

• Clinically proven to improve overall skin fairness and translucence• Alcohol-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic, allergy-tested

How and When To Use It:Shake well before use. Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing. Moisten cotton pad with toner and smooth over cleansed face and neck with gentle upward strokes.. For all skin types

My Experience with Neutrogena Toner

To be perfectly honest, i am not really a toner person and almost feel it is a part of the routine that can be eliminated, but for the sake of the review here goes:

This is what i liked about it

  • This one is alcohol free, so i feel much better about using it on my face without stripping it of essential oils
  • The toner does not dry your face and leave it stretched like a lot of other astringents/ toners can do
  • It leaves my face feeling clean, and fresh and even after a face wash, i can see considerable amounts on grime on the cotton pad, so i assume its doing its job
  • My skin does feel very hydrated and smooth after using this, which is surprising for a toner, as most just dry me out!
  • The bottle is semi – squeezable, and makes for good packaging. You can just squirt out as much toner as you like
  • Sometimes i double this up and use this to remove makeup- its not brilliant at it, but it does a decent job of removing everyday makeup. Dont get it too close to the eye though, i did and did NOT like the stinging sensation. Ouch.

What you might be dissapointed with

  • This is not one of those toners that you can leave on your face and forget about it. It definitely leaves this film on your face which feels slightly wet and sticky. So i do need to wash it off.
  • I dont really notice it making my pores  smaller, it does make them slightly tighter when you use it but it isnt a dramatic difference , and obviously it doesn’t make you fairer. Like i say, nothing can!

Overall Verdict :3.5/5 or B+

Will I repurchase: If i was a regular toner user, i probably would

Price: Rs 240/- for 150 ml
Recommendation: Neutrogena Fine Fairness is a nice , hydrating toner which does its job of removing every bit of grime and leaves skin supple and smooth, and not tight and stretched. I don’t know how much of a hit this will be with oily skin though, because of the film it leaves on your face, but for me…its one of the better (also one of the only) budget toners around.

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