I just Wiki-ed ‘Monmouth street’, and it tells me that this is a street in Covent Garden, London.  I officially love this nail polish hundred times more now. See, Covent Garden was one of my abso favourite places when i visited London. Its like this little square brimming with street performances, and crazy antics , and color, and pubs, and restaurants…The entire atmosphere is just buzzing with all kinds of crazy activity. Last time i went, there was a performance by this naked man who would be  sitting on a toilet seat reading a newspaper. This was his ‘performance’ – it was crazy, but the entire place was like this!

Mon Mouth Street is a bright magenta- ruby color with gold and hot pink reflects in it. It glimmers, and shines as it catches the light. Its one of those nalpolishes which scream “LOOK AT MY NAILS!” What you see below is just one coat. ONE Coat and im on my happy way to opaqueness. Love that! Whats better- it stays put and doesn’t chip, it is non streaky and the bottle is totally cute!

 Downside- See how fat that cap is, it is really kind of uncomfortable to hold on to that pudgy little cap and apply it on your nails. Like Hello, Cap- keep off those carbs!

You can buy these at Kunchals in GK-1 M Block Market, if you are lucky. Most of the times, they aren’t there. I got mine from UK.

PS: Promise, coming back to our desi brands soon. 

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