Guest Blogging by Komal
Are you a fresher in College , waiting for the big day ? but you are worried about what to wear or how to act around seniors so you make a good impression and live a peace full life :P . Well this post is just for you J , I am not a fashion blogger so all the things you are about to read are not from the ‘high’ fashion sense but us mere mortal everyday fashion sense ….

The things you need to have in your closet-

1) T- shirts – you absolutely need to have some t- shirts with you , they can be funky , with slogans on them or just plain layered . You need to have a plain basic grey t-shirt because you can pair it up with anything 

2) Cotton – I have a gazillion of cotton kurtas and pants , you should too .The more time you will spend in college you will realize cotton is always in vogue and nothing can beat a plain cotton kurta .

3) Shorts – you can buy them in any size , any color or any fabric , shorts will always be good for summers in college . 

4) Kajal – Kajal is like a staple for majority of the college girls . you cannot go wrong with a good kajal because it isn’t difficult to apply or to store . My bet would be the Maybelline colossal kajal , its Rs150 and stays on till you lectures get over .

5) Lip balm – there are many who do prefer lipstick but believe me in the really hot months when you don’t like anything on your face you need to have some rose colored lip balm . My pick would be Nivea fruity shine in pink guava because its light , moisturizes and give a light pink color to lips .

6) Footwear – you may feel like wearing heels on the first day of college but believe me you will turn into a chappal lover in normal college days . there are so many lovely designs to choose from and because of all the working and running around in college you would be doing , you should prefer flats

1)       7)Funky jewelry – you cannot go wrong with some nice piece of statement jewelry in college . wear them with a plain t-shirt and you will definitely stand out .

But you have to realize college is not just about funky clothes and jewelry … its also about shoes :P no I am kidding :D . College life will teach you a lot about yourself and the people around you , you will definitely grow in college .The last and the most important thing to be kept in mind while starting you college and your first day is a big smile J. A grumpy face won’t put you in good books of seniors :p , always keep a positive outlook in life , you will have many good and bad experiences in college but remember always to keep your chin up but be humble to people . You will realize how beautiful your college life was once it ends J I know I am … already J , so don’t just let it go live it up 

  If you loved Komal’s tips for all you College freshers or ‘facchas’ like we in DU call it, or if you just want to steal those cute rings from her (like i do!) hear more from her on her blog 

PS: Komal, where are those rings from ?? I am drooling !

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