If this is what Chapels look like then get me married quick, because i cannot get enough of this coral pink  nailpolish from O.P.I. I want to turn it into a popsicle and eat it, or make a blush out of this and wear it. It is SUCH a pretty color ! 

It is the kind of nailpolish that makes me want to play the ‘air piano’…you know..holding your hand up against the light and making your fingers press down on imaginary keys just to see how pretty it looks when it hits the light! No? Am i the only one who does that *looks sheepish*

O.P.I Chapel of Love is bright coral pink with beautiful gold reflects in it. When the sun hits it, it is absolutely STUNNING! The gold shimmer catches and dances in the light, and the color looks pink from some angles and coral from the other. It kind of looks like that drink- Strawberry diaquiri ..SLURPP!

Depending on how you apply, it will take you either two or three coats to opaquenes. Two thick coats are good enough, or you can go with three thin ones. It hasn’t chipped in three days, and went on like a dream. Plus look how glossy and shiny the finish it. Its absolutely gorgeous. Definitely do not mind spending the amount of money i did, on this…

Price: Rs 480/-

PS: I know there have been an overload of nailpolish posts. Im going through a phase. Bear with me!

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