Yesterday,  after 2 minutes of writing the O.P.I post and placing my order,  i got a message from my cousin saying ‘Have you ordered? I want to order too’ . After confirming that yes, i had infact forgotten all about her and ordered on my own, we both had a scary telepathic moment. You see, she messaged ‘ I want a nice everyday neutral color, what did you get?’ . At the exact same time i messaged ‘I bought Coney Island Cotton Candy- Its a nice everyday nude color’ . We spent the next 2 hours oh- my-godding over our telepathy and then ….3 hours later…our O.P.I. order   arrived ! 3 freaking hours!! 

As you can see, i applied it in wayyyy too much in a  hurry, got totally impatient and then screwed up the application while it was wet! 

O.P.I ‘s Coney Island Cotton Candy is a clean, peachy nude.It is such a great  color for everyday wear to work, and versatile too. You can do a french manicure over it, you can do a whole lot of nail art or just let it be. I am totally schizoprenic when it comes to nail polish. One moment i will want bright, neons, and duochromes, anf the next i will have a neutral nail polish moment. Nothing makes me happier than a clean, pretty everyday nude. 

So i kind of have a love- hate relationship with this. I love the finish, i love the color but its a pain to apply. It goes somewhat like this:

One coat: Way too sheer
Two coats: Still sheer
Three coats: Now we are talking!

Price: Rs 480/-
Where i bought it from:
The nice thing though, is that eve with 3 coats it doesnt chip or peel easily. Yay for that!

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