Kiddy birthday parties these days are so far removed from what i remember. My niece turned six, and had a huge hawaiian themed pool party to celebrate. She wore an itsy bitsy red bikini, with a hawaiian skirt and looked like the adorable angel (and sometimes devil) she is. Whats more…her 6 year old friends turned up in dresses and hats that would put Philip Treacy to shame. Top hats, and corsage hats, and net hats. No kidding.  Since i couldnt exactly go parading around the party in a hawaiian mini skirt, i stuck to a floral print dress, and very soft , minimal makeup

I cant be bothered to do makeup in this heat to be honest. Specially eye makeup and all, i just cringe at what will happen to it in an outdoor party. Plus what if it rains and i turn into a raccoon and scare all the kids away. They anyway are not too fond of me! So minimal on the eyes- only eyeliner, a coral on the lips and a barely there soft touch on the cheeks
Body Shop Moisture Foundation
MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer
Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream in Rose Velout
Clear Gloss by Claires
Lakme 9 to 5 Eyeliner
MAC Springsheen Blush

Floral Printed  Dress: GK 1 M Block Market Rs 1800/-
Bag: Bought from Republic of Chic Shop Online Rs 3500/-
Belt : Kazo Rs 750/-
Beige Flats: Borrowed
Flower in the hair: Accessorize

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