If you are a regular reader, you would remember my little ‘Freak Out’ over anti ageing some weeks back. Yes okay, i know i am only 24 but i got a little carried away that time. Anyway, thanks to all you amazing people who helped me with your suggestions i decided three things about my skin care routine:

  1. I was not going to start on an anti ageing day cream  or serum or anything just yet. I would stick to sunscreen and tinted moisturizer for the day
  2. I was going to include a night cream in my routine, since my skin felt very dry early morning
  3. I was going to try and get an eye cream as well since i have an extremely problematic eye area
For the night cream i chose Ponds, since i already love their tinted moisturizer from the same range!

What The Ponds Website Says About the Age Miracle Range:

  • The Pond’s Institute has made the best even better. The new Pond’s Age Miracle range now contains the Advanced CLA 4 Complex.
  • Pond´s patented Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA anti-ageing technology, was the main ingredient in the old formulation of Pond’s Age Miracle, has been blended with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Retinol and Retinol Boosters to form the new Advanced CLA 4 Complex

My experience with Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream
I can obviously not comment on its anti ageing claims, since i dont have signs of ageing on my face just yet, but i can claim that it was one of those products in which i could see a visible difference in my skin within two weeks of usage.The first 3 days of using it i broke out and i thought this wouldnt work for me, but i guess i was reacting to something else because i am so happy i continued this, it works like a dream for me!

 My skin glowed more (i almost typed ‘my skin glew’) , it felt brighter, tighter and more radiant.  The overall texture of my skin just improved so much , and i always suffer from chronic skin dullness. Not with this, this just made my skin so …i cant think of any other word except glowy!!! The only reason i even noticed this was when my cousins asked me what i had been doing differently and why my skin was glowing like that. My skin also cleared up really quickly and felt more even and smooth and supple.

The cream is light enough so i think it should be safe to use for oily skin types, and it provides some necessary hydration for dry skin. I wont call it supremely moisturizing, but it provides just the right amount of moisture, smells really pleasant , and just dissolves into the skin without much work required.

A word on the packaging, i really wish they changed it. First of all a nozzle or a squirty tube would just make it more convenient and hygienic to use. Secondly, the tub has this petal type of shape, and most of the times in a hurrry when i am screwing on the lid , it just doesnt fit on right…it doesnt alig with the base very easily.

Overall Verdict : 4.5 / 5 or A
(Please take skin care reviews with a pinch of salt, just because something worked for my skin type doesn’t mean it will work for you. )

Will I repurchase: Yes, you can see its getting empty!

Price : Rs 299/-

Recommendation: The Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream totally worked out for me. Not only did it give me the moisture that i needed, but i saw a visible difference in how my skin behaved in terms of glow, even-ness and brightness within 2-3 weeks. No comments on anti ageing claims, since i dont have visible signs of ageing yet, im just happy about what its doing for my skin . I wish this came in a squeezy tube or a regular round jar though!

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