Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Look : Why So Matte PC?

by mehak on June 12, 2011

in Celebrity

Everyone seems to have an opinion about ‘Piggy Chops’. You can like her, or hate her but you cannot ignore her. I for one, quite like her as an actress. The girl is talented for sure. But what the hell has her makeup artist been doing recently??? No matter how many pictures i see of her online…its the same sloppy look…

  • Extra Matte Look- There is no dewy glow anywhere . It just looks like cakes of powder
  • Patchy Foundation- Notice how her forehead is a totally different area from her chin area and how her face looks muddy and not fresh?
  • Unblended, unflattering blush-The earthy terracotta blush could look great on her had it not been applied with such a heavy hand. It just looks like two blobs of orange right now!!
  • Hair with that burgundy color (which is so nineties)
  • Lets not even go to the outfit!!!! And is that a hair tie around her wrist???  

Priyanka, Y U NO change your makeup artist?

What do you think? Do you like Priyanks Chopra’s Look in this picture??

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jenessa July 24, 2012 at 7:32 am

I actually find her look beautiful….and you can’t expect makeup to look “fresh” for long especially if you’ve been in an heated area, even in an cold area, makeup melts. I’m no makeup artist…but she looks fine to me, still gorgeous as always.


Jenessa January 13, 2014 at 3:43 am

This blog is bull. First of all she’s gorgeous, and second of all, me personally I love the whole “matte” look it’s better to be freshly matte than dewy\oily. I mean who wants a freaking oily face. Extremely unflattering btw. Her outfit is cute, definitely better then the typical big shirt hideous jeans that I see so commonly Indians wear on the streets. She’s got style. As for the blush, orange is a decent color for someone who has a caramel complexion. Not just anyone can wear orange and pull it off. As for her burgundy hair color, don’t even get me started, burgundy is “90’s”? What the heck? It’s the 21st century and half the people I know wear that color. I understand you are simply giving an opinion. But don’t whole heartedly insult what she likes to wear and her style. Anyways, have a good day.


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