Everyone seems to have an opinion about ‘Piggy Chops’. You can like her, or hate her but you cannot ignore her. I for one, quite like her as an actress. The girl is talented for sure. But what the hell has her makeup artist been doing recently??? No matter how many pictures i see of her online…its the same sloppy look…

  • Extra Matte Look- There is no dewy glow anywhere . It just looks like cakes of powder
  • Patchy Foundation- Notice how her forehead is a totally different area from her chin area and how her face looks muddy and not fresh?
  • Unblended, unflattering blush-The earthy terracotta blush could look great on her had it not been applied with such a heavy hand. It just looks like two blobs of orange right now!!
  • Hair with that burgundy color (which is so nineties)
  • Lets not even go to the outfit!!!! And is that a hair tie around her wrist???  

Priyanka, Y U NO change your makeup artist?

What do you think? Do you like Priyanks Chopra’s Look in this picture??

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