I am rushing out of the door at the moment. My favourite sister’s birthday today and then i am off for a much needed 3 day break! Sigh..cant wait to reach Punjab and drown in ghee and butter of my grandmom’s (or rather her chef’s) cooking. My grandmom is an institution in herself. The woman carries a lady dior handbag, has more social appointments than even i do,  and her favourite pastime is distributing money to her grand kids and/ or feeding them and/or getting them married . She is a granny fashionista too!  She is the cutest grandmom you can ever imagine!

I know its kind of messy, but i am going to be away for three days okay! I had to leave you guys with something even if its put together in a hurry! I do have some scheduled posts coming up so you shall be kept busy!

Products Used:
Nyx Eyeshadow palette in ‘For brown eyes’
Nyx studio liquid liner in extreme plum purple

Yup…thats all  i used!

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