Who spends 500 bucks on a nail polish? That is like totally ridiculous ! Well… Beauty Bloggers do! Specially when its O.P.I/ Orly’s/ China Glaze we dont mind do we? Actually we do, we would much rather just spend a hundred bucks on nail polish but that would mean living in a fantasy makeup world.  We can allow ourselves indulgences *once in a while *   .Anyhow, this short little post is to tell you guys that if you dont have access to OPI in your city , then worry not ..you can order it online from www.urbantouch.com . It’s an Indian website so you dont have to worry about shipping, and customs and all that jazz.

As of now, the color selection is really really limited, and no swatches . (Google the shades you shall get a ton of swatches…thankfully OPI has creative names and not those annoying numbers on their shades). But, it is a beginning right? I know so many of you who dont live in Delhi/ Bombay want to get their hands on an OPI nailpolish. Well now is the chance to! Head on over to www.urbantouch.com

Bonus: Free shipping, Cash on delivery, and super fast delivery at that. No more ‘Fashion and You’ type of fiasco’s. *Rolls Eyes*

PS: Definitely don’t buy before googling the color swatches. Some of these  colors are really on the sheer side.  Specially ‘Significant Other’ and ‘Hawaiian Orchid’ are way too sheer. Also, stay tuned to this blog (and to urban touch), i may have even more exciting news coming up soon.

Update: My OPI arrived in 3 hours flat! I got a nude one called coney island cotton candy…wearing it now!!!

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