Chambor seems to have taken a trip down the rose garden this summer. All their flowing lipsticks have names like ‘Plum Rose’ , ‘Ruby Rose’, or the one in question ‘Innocent Rose’ .For the record, i am not a rose girl at all, the only roses i like are white roses or peach roses. I absolute detest red roses and  I am more of  a chrysanthemum or lily kind of a girl, but these flowing lipsticks may have just caused a change in heart for me !

Twist (not click)  the bottom, and the color comes on top
The Color of Innocent Rose

Innocent Rose is an upbeat rose pink. It is a fantastic kind of  pink for my medium skin tone- it brights up my face but is still warm enough so as to not look too garish on me. When i swatched it in the store, i thought this was going to be a bright pink lipstick on me, but once on the lips it really is very muted and natural looking. If you are someone who thinks pink does not look good on you, or wash you out then you will be pleasantly surprised by how wearable and flattering this pink is.

ChamBor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose Swatch (With Flash)

Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose Swatch (Without Flash)
Overall Thoughts                                                                                                                                  The flowing lipsticks are extremely pigmented so those with naturally pigmented lips like mine will definitely enjoy them. Texture wise, they are like a soft cream which dries to a matte finish on application. It is really a personal choice over whether you like the matte look, or you want a gloss over it. I for one, definitely need a gloss over this.

 They claim that this is infused with Shea Butter- hence making it moisturizing, but honestly speaking….after it sits on my lips i definitely need extra moisture. They do dry my lips out the slightest bit. But the one good thing about the matte dry finish is that they last REALLY long.

The pen packaging is interesting and has its pro’s and cons. The thin tip makes for controlled application, but there is a lag between when you click the product vs when it comes out. So more often than not i am clicking like a maniac thinking  why isnt it working..and then 2 minutes later…My hands are like pink candy floss.

To Sum up then, this is what i liked about Chambor Flowing Lipstick

  • Very Very pigmented- will cover up pigmented lips well
  • Very good lasting power- 7 hours lasting on me with just slight fading. So really good for all day work
  • The texture is like a soft cream- very light and comfortable to apply.
  • The pink in question is a really really flattering pink for a range of skintones.
  • The pen packaging in the silver case is really sleek looking, and it makes for controlled application
  • There are a lot of really gorgeous colors available – i want this red that i saw the model in the photo wearing!
This is where Chambor Flowing Lipstick dissapointed me
  • The formula , once it dries to a matte finish on your lips- is not very moisturizing. I definitely feel the need for a chapstick after i wear this. This is surprising, since it claims to contain all sorts of moiturizing ingredients like Shea Butter
  • This takes time getting used to – for two reasons. One, like mentioned before there is a lag between the twisting the cap and the product coming out, so you need to experiment with that. Secondly, when you apply this straight with the pen on your lips, it is going to result in a very streaky application. So you need to purse your lips down for it to spread evenly. When you purse them down, since this is tends to spread out outside of your lips. So it takes a while to figure out what quantity is right for you

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5 or B+

Will I repurchase: I think one is enough.

Price: Rs 475/- in Shoppers Stop Website. I bought it for 550/- :(

Recommendation: Innocent Rose is a very flattering rose pink for all skin tones, its a color that lends brightness but still looks natural. These Flowing Lipsticks  have super pigmentation, great creamy texture and last a really long time. It is all a personal choice- of whether you like the matte finish,can handle the slight dryness and get used to the pen packaging.

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