I have a bit of a problem with makeup brands named after women. Actually, i have a problem with any products named after a woman’s name. Partly this is because i have seen my own name on more than a couple (and some very embarassing) products (including..umm..mens underwear) and partly because its just wrong. Can you imagine the Deborah’s of the world?  “Hi Deborah, im wearing you on my eye today “!

The Color

The shade ’04’ is a blackened purple color with a slight sheen to it. It really does  not look very purple, and is more of a brownish purple color. But once on your eyes, the purple will shine through.

I am slightly dissapointed that this is not as much a vivid purple as i would like it to be. Somehow, it was looking purpler in the store (Damn you store lights !)

Texture, Smoothness,Pigmentation
The Pencil is soft to glide on, and decently pigmented. No pulling or tugging required. However
I do feel like my colorbar I -glide are more pigmented and softer than these. This also sharpens easily, which is always a good thing.

 Lasting Power
Its a water proof pencil so it lasts pretty long. An entire day at work- say 8 and a half hours and post that there is  slight fading. So thumbs up on the long lasting front.The nicest thing about this pencil is that even though it is long lasting and water proof, it comes off really easily when you want it to.
No oil based makeup remover required here !

Finish and Other Factors
The finish of  Deborah is not glittery or sparkly but not matte either. There is a slight sheen to it, which is visible if you look at the centre of the swatch below. Also, since i have very very sensitive eyes, most eye pencils get them red and itchy if used on the waterline. This did not do that, and apart from Clinique there are few brands that can do that.

Overall verdict: 3.5/5 or B+
Will I repurchase: I saw a super pretty shimmery green one…might get that.
Price: Rs 270/- (after discount). I think it  retails for about  Rs 300/-
Recommendation:Its a blackened purple with soft sheen to it, a sort of a muted version of purple on the eyes. The pencil is soft, long lasting, and pigmented and even though it is waterproof comes off easily when you try to remove it(Love that !).  I do feel like it doesnt give the same  high impact finish and  softness as the Colorbar I-Glide does though, and i wish it were a brighter , more vivid purple.

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