This is me testing the Faces Quad before i review it. If the pictures in the tutorial are not very clear, my apologies- i struggle to click my own eye with my camera. I have to bend my arm in all sorts of  of positions and it makes me wish i had taken up yoga earlier or i was Deepika Padukone (Because she has abnormally long arms, i am sure she will have to problem twisting it around to hold the camera!) Another time i wish i was Deepika Padukone is when you enter the parking lot in malls, and you have to press the button for the ticket..and stretch your arm oout from the car…but thats a different story. So for now…enjoy the tutorial!

 Stuff You Will Need For Your Eyeshadow Look
  1. Faces I-Shine Quartet
  2. A Blak Eyeliner Pencil\
  3. Mascara
  4. Brushes
Step 1: Apply Color 1 in the inner half of your eyelid
Step 2: Apply color 2 in the middle of your eyelid- just till the arch of your eyebrow
Step 3: Apply Color 3 in the outer half of your eyelid
Step 4: Apply Color 4 in the crease- thickly on the outside, and softly on the inner part.
Step 5: Blend the crease color up and towards your eyebrow
Step 6: Add black liner, and mascara

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The colors i this quad are super duper pigmented and royal looking. They dont have the most buttery/silky textures but for the price it retails at, that can be forgiven! Review coming up soon!

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