Faces Cosmetics I-Shine Eyeshadow Quartet Review, Swatches

by mehak on July 5, 2011

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The newest addition to my small but growing eyeshadow collection is this Quad from Faces! If you are a girl who likes to experiment with color, then this is definitely a great quad to have, and given that four of these cost Rs499/- , i think its quite a bargain. Lets ‘face’ it. We cant all indulge in MAC eyeshadows all the time right…

Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad 

The Faces Eyeshadow Quad in 04 contains the following colors:

  1. Top Color: An almost metallic sheeny sky blue. This is the least pigmented shade of the quad, but still applies decently
  2. Second Color: A mehendi green with some silver shimmer to it. This applies really well, and looks great with my brown eyes
  3. Third Color: A Plum Purple. This is my absolute favourite color in the quad and is undoubtedly the prettiest purple eyeshadow i own. Love it.
  4. Bottom Color A light yellowy green. This applies really well too, and is a nice summery  color.

Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

Overall, these eyeshadows are really super pigmented, and surprisingly they have much lesser fallout than a lot of other shimmery eyeshadows have. The four colors work really well together- i for one think purples and greens can be carried off by everyone and anyone. If it were upto me, i would replace the sky blue with a gold or a neutral beige highlight color, but  thats just my personal preference

Overall this is what i liked about the Faces Eyeshadow Quad

  • Super Pigmented Eyeshadows- One stroke and there is rich, vivid color payoff
  • The colors are well chosen and work with each other really nicely
  • The purple deserves a special mention because it  is just a gorgeous purple-vibrant, but still so wearable. Im obsessed with this purple. I have been using it as eyeliner
  • They have a decent lasting power even without a primer. They do fade after a while, but it gives me approximately five hours of wear without a primer underneath
  • They do not have as much fallout as i expected. Given that most of these veer on the sheeny slightly shimmery side- they fall out much less than what my ultra shimmer 88 color coastal scents pallette does.

Overall this is what i did not like about the Faces Eyeshadow Quad

  • The texture of the eyeshadows is not very silky or buttery. Not that this means they are hard to work with, just that they dont feel as smooth to me. 
  • I would have replaced the lighter blue with a much more pigmented neutral color to make a complete quad.
Overall Verdict : 4.5/5 or A

Will I repurchase: If i run out then yes, but i doubt i will run out.

Price: Rs 499/-

Recommendation: The shadows are super duper pigmented, and have fun colors that will suit a lot of eye colors and skin tones. I definitely think this is a very value for money quad- if you are someone who likes playing with color then this will definitely not dissapoint.

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