All that glitters is not always gold girls. Sometimes it could be the emerald green nailpolish from Chanel’s Fall 2011 Collection, or maybe the smokey sapphire blue eyeshadow from Dior’s Blue Tie Collection…. And if you are a blush fiend, Mac has a whole lot of jewels in its Semi Precious Collection. One Common theme running through fall – Jewel Tones . They are rich, vivid hues of blue, green and ruby red with a luxurious satiny feel to them. If you are not a neutrals fan, then this season is tailor made for you!

Above: Chanel Fall 2011 Collection. I WANT that nail polish in the centre, and how pretty are the eye sparkle powders

Above: Dior’s Blue Tie Collection

Above: Mac Semi Precious Collection. Its a humungous collection (this is only 1/3rd of it) consisting of eyeshadow, blushes in mineralized form. The colors range from warm corals in blushes to indigo blue, emerald green and ruby red in eyeshadows

Pictures Courtesy Google Images. I do not claim ownership

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