Thank God it’s Friday !!! No ..not the restaurant (though they do serve some really mean desserts) but because  It’s time for Fridays top 5 and we kick off this series with one of my favourite makeup items- Peach Blushes! Here are my picks for the 5 best peach blushes i have tried and tested and hearted !

In no particular order (It’s just wrong to order them, would you choose between your kids??)

  • Mac Springsheen Blush : Springsheen is a soft peachy pink with very subtle gold reflects in it.  Its absolutely gorgeous, can be used everyday or layered on top of another blush for the nightime!
  • Chambor Soft Rose : A Warm Peachy Pink with a texture between a cream and a powder. Its a really great color
  • Mac Peaches Blush : A true peach blush with NO undertone of pink. Perfect Pick Me up , everyday blush. Instantly adds color and brightness to your face. Love it !
  • Faces Pink Topaz: Another soft peach pink blush with  a sheen to it. Great Lasting power this has, given the price it retails at!
  • Colorbar Peachy Rose: Its more pink than peach to me honestly, but since the name says Peachy Rose i am going to go with it. One of my favourite budget blushes of all time (No swatch, iv misplaced mine, and the older swatch on my blog is just terrible!)

What are you favourite peach blushes?

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