Thank God it’s Friday !!! No ..not the restaurant (though they do serve some really mean desserts) but because  It’s time for Fridays top 5 and this week i have somethings that  are a staple for every girl – tinted lip balms! Which one do your lips love??


#1 : Vaseline Rosy Glow 
Some people say this smells like burnt plastic to them, but maybe i just have an insensitive nose because i love the shine and color it gives. Rosy glow is right !

#2 : Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava

Sluurrrpppyyy yumminess in a pink tube !  Pink Guava, Starfruit, and strawberry are my favourite flavours in the Nivea Fruity Shine range and this one gives a soft corally pink tint on your natural lips !

#3 : Lakme Lip Love

Not the most moisturizing lip balm, but definitely one of the prettiest. With shades like Hottie, Flirt, Charmer and Siren, i would definitely love to have an affair with this little tub! I have hottie and its definitely one of the more pigmented lip balms..
#4 : Lip Ice Sheer Color

My magic balm !! My  favourite tinted  lip balm in the whole wide world. It changes color when you put it on your lips and within minutes gets an ‘au natural’ my lips but pinker look! Its also super moisturizing and portable!

#5 Marks and Spencer Cherry Lip Balm
Super pretty fuschia colored tint, moisturizing and a totally yummy smelling pot of cuteness. These M & S lip balms are a staple in my bag!

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