Thank God it’s Friday !!! No ..not the restaurant (though they do serve some really mean desserts) but because It’s time for Fridays top 5 and this week we have some super versatile eyeshadow Palettes. Personally, i prefer buying palettes that dont revolve around a particular color scheme, i feel it makes more sense to invest in those that give you a wide range of options…here are 5 of them!

a. The Balm Shady Lady Vol 2 Palette: Not only does this palette have super fun names, but it houses the best quality eyeshadows i have ever used. Some of these are better than MAC, and the others are just as good- soft, buttery, intensely pigmented…and a breeze to blend. The palette has colors ranging from greens to blue’s to peach to white and black- there is something for everyone. It is also one of the few products to get an A+ rating or 5/5 here on P & B
Price: Not available in India. Rs 1300/- from Strawberry net

b.Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes
– Inglot is a very value for money brand and their eyeshadows are top notch ! Super quality- very soft , buttery and blendable- plus you can choose which eyeshadows you want in your palette… so it is super cool!

Price:Each eyeshadow costs Rs 300/- and the case costs another 300/- so a palette of three costs Rs 1200/-

c. SLeek Oh So Special Palette: The latest addition to my palette neighbourhood, and s definitely one of the most versatile palettes around. It has this whole range of browns and blacks for everyday neutrals, deep charcoals and plums for smokey eyes and peach and duochrome golds which are great for soft, romantic looks !

Price: Rs 1000/- including shipping from Sleek .(Review and swatches coming soon!)

d.Coastal Scents/ BH Cosmetics palettes

– These are basically wholesale palettes that you can buy either from Coatsal Scents or from They have a whole set of 88 eyeshadows with every color imaginable. Quality wise, they are just okay…but they are pigmented…and very worth the money if you are a newbie.

Price: Can range from Rs 500/- to Rs 1000/- depending from where you order it.

e. Nyx For Brown Eyes Palette- This has so many nice colors that i am often reaching for- a great deep brown which is my favourite crease color, the most beautiful emerald green, a soft peachy beige, a white and some purples. Very Very versatile and good quality for the price you pay for them.

Price:Rs 880/- on urbantouch

All of these have been reviewed on my blog (except Sleek Oh So Special, which will be reviewed in the coming days)..

Sleek Palette Review coming soon!
Which eyeshadow palettes do you love? Do you go for themed paletted or multi-purpose ones?

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