If you ignore the wierd shape her mouth is making in the picture, Anushka Sharma paints quite the fresh, pretty picture as always at the Nivea 100 Years celebration Event.Very soft pink blush, barely there neutral peachy eyes, lots of mascara and a very pretty lip!

Anushka Sharma Makeup

Can you guess which lipstick and which blush would give you the same kind of  makeup look?

My guess would be : Mac Pink Swoon for Blush,  or possibly Bourjois Rose de Brune …..and umm the lipstick is a tough one. Kind of pink, kind of brown ,   – brightening the face. I don’t know, i may have to go with CLiniques Blushing Nude Lipstick , but your guess is as good as mine!

I do know that she is a fan of Clinique’s Super Balm Moisturizing gloss and that probably what she has on top of her lipstick. Or maybe its just that with some lip liner! Definitely looks like that in the first pic!

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