Remember the days of ICQ? When  all of us teenagers in the nineties logged in to see that tiny little flower connect us to the world of chatting with strangers, cyber freaks and internet psychos. Ah..the good times (Not!). No but really, i have some very fond (and lame) memories of ICQ – and i distinctly remember a girl with an ICQ screen name ‘Rose Shimmer’ on my list at that time. I dont remember who that was, was it a friend, or my cousins, or some stranger who just added me, but i suddenly thought of her when i saw this lakme lip liner with the same name!

The Color: 
Lakme’s Rose Shimmer Lip Pencil is a warm toned soft  rosey pink with really really subtle , unnoticeable shimmer. If you stare at the swatch  below you will see the tiny sparkles. I like it this way actually, i dont really want a shimmery lip pencil. I absolutely LOVE this color. Its the perfect lip pencil shade for your everyday pinks, and also for nude lipsticks. I use MAC Hug Me and then line it with this- its a great nude-pinkish lip!
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Texture & Pigmentation

I found the Lakme Lip Pencil really soft to apply, and nicely pigmented. The problem with some lip pencils or eye pencils is that they are so soft that they just keep breaking off when you try to apply. This one isnt like that- its soft but sturdy so you can do all little drawings around your lips without any problems.
Lasting Power:
It lasts about three and a half  on me , and i dont think its made my lipsticks last longer. Atleast  not that i have seen prominently.

Another thing- i find  the price Rs 325/- a bit much to spend on a Lakme Lip Liner. I dont know, i generally thing anything above 300/- for a lakme lip pencil is on the pricier side.

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Will I Repurchase: If i like some other shade maybe. 
Price: Rs 325/-
Recommendation: I love the color in Rose Shimmer- the perfect everyday pink, or a nice lip liner with nude lipsticks. Its creamy, smooth and pigmented . It lasts about 3 hours on me , and i would have liked it to stay a bit longer!

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