If you havent’ flirted with these little heart shaped pots, then you have missed out on some real charmers- because these Lakme Lip Love conditioners are now a handbag staple for me ! Just look at them- in all their heart shaped cuteness, sitting next to each other. Ahhh..adore !!

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner Swatches
Left: Flirt, Right: Charmer

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in Flirt
Flirt is a pinkish coral color- really really pretty that! Instantly adds a bit of brightness.

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in Charmer
Charmer is a reddish orange color. This is actually the sheerest of all the lip love conditioners i have tried but is also the most unique color. I love how this looks on the lips, and i havent found too many tinted lip balms in this shade.

General Thoughts on Lakme Lip Love Conditioners:
These tinted lip balms give a pretty, tint to your lips- perfect for everyday wear to college or to work and keep them moisturized while they are on  They have a glossy shine to them which is really pretty, and though they will not do much if you have chapped lips (they are no nivea chapstick or vaseline)  they are definitely very handy to carry around in your bag.
The wear time these give is not really good..what i get out of this is maybe two hours, but it really doesnt bother me too much since i re-apply lip balms frequently anyway. The heart packaging is super adorable, but it also becomes a pain. Digging your finger into little nooks and corners to get product out is really annoying and slightly unhygienic. I think it would have been equally cute had they been in chapstick form, but the chapstick itself was a heart shape. Get it? No? Like you know..the chapstick stick would be like a heart…

They smell sweet, but whether you like that or not is a personal preference . I dont even notice the smell much, but to my sister it smells like plastic barbie doll..

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in Flirt on Lips

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in Charmer on Lips

Overall Verdict 4/5 or A-

Price: Rs 225/-

Will I repurchase: 

Recommendation: Charmer is the sheerest of the lot, but also the one with the most unique color. These tinted lip balms are a definite hit from Lakme because all 4 colors are super gorgeous, and they give a really pretty tint and shine to the lips. I wont call them super moisturizing, they wont really be  healing chapped lips, and as cute as the packaging is…it is slightly unhygienic , if not cumbersome.

PS: The labels of the shade actually come in this removable plastic sticker on the tubs. For some reason i removed mine and threw it away and after that i had to sit and figure out which was flirt and which was charmer. It was not a fun job!

Disclaimer: I bought one on my own, and one was provided by PR

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