Are you a charmer, a siren or a hottie? It doesn’t really matter because Lakme Lip Love has something for all you girls !! The super shiny red christmas bauble like packaging has already been a hit with the Lakme Lip Love Lipsticks, and add to that this adorable heart shaped lip balm, and you have got yourself an instant cutie!

Lakme Claims : Lakme Lip Love Conditioner With Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil known to hydrate and condition lips and SPF 12 to protect from sun damage.

Price : Rs 225 for 3 gm

These little cuties come in four shades, but i only saw three at the store, and here are they below:

  • Siren: An Orangey Color
  • Charmer: A Pinky Coral . Gorgeous color, i really wanted this but i have enough of corals and not enough pinks so i got Hottie instead.
  • Hottie: Bright Pink 

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner Shades.
EDIT: The one in the centre might be Flirt. Im not too sure

Lakme Lip Love Conditioners: Colors , Pigmentation
These tinted lip balms give a pretty, sheer tint to your lips- perfect for everyday wear to college or to work and keep them moisturized while they are on.  They have a glossy shine to them which is really pretty, and though they will not do much if you have very chapped / dry lips (they are no nivea chapstick or vaseline)  they are definitely very handy to carry around in your bag. I also love the colors they have come out with in this – very cute, and all of them would suit a lot of people. I am half tempted to go back and buy charmed.

Lakme Lip Love Conditioners: Wear Time and Hydration

The wear time these give is not really good..what i get out of this is maybe two hours, but it really doesnt bother me too much since i re-apply lip balms frequently anyway. The heart packaging is super adorable, but i can also imagine it become a pain once this starts to finish. Digging your finger into little nooks and corners to get product out is really annoying. I think it would have been equally cute had they been in chapstick form, but the chapstick itself was a heart shape. Get it? No? Like you know..the chapstick stick would be like a heart…

They smell sweet, but whether you like that or not is a personal preference . I dont even notice the smell much, but to my sister it smells like plastic barbie doll

Lakme Lip love in Hottie

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or B+

Price: Rs 225/-

Will I repurchase:
Yes, i want to try Charmer

Recommendation: These tinted lip conditioners come in some really fun, pretty colors for summer and give a soft tint, and glossy shine to the lips. They do keep lips  moisturized  and soft for the time  that they are on (which is not very long), but they are no saviours for chapped lips like nivea or vaseline. I just think these are great for everyday wear- just the right amount of color, and moisturization for college or work, though i do admit as cute as the packaging can become a bit of a nuisance.

PS: So which one are you..charmer , hottie or siren? ;)

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