If you have  passed by a L’oreal counter and seen your gorgeous reflection staring back at you, then  you have probably  fallen prey to the uber- cool new L’Oreal Nutri Shine Lipsticks  from  their Color Riche Range. These shiny little baubles have a mirror right down the front of their case (smart packaging Lor!), are super sleek and very classy looking. The lipsticks inside? Well…that depends on your taste. If you are a high gloss, high shimmer person and dont mind sheer lipsticks then this may float your boat!

Keep Reading for Swatches!

Personally, i prefer my lipsticks to be MUCH more pigmented and not so sheer, but these would make pretty glosses i think. I would not recommend these for girls with pigmented lips though!

 I always feel like L’oreal has got its pricing all wrong. Somehow at Rs 750/-, i would rather just put in 200 bucks and buy Mac instead.

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