I have a rather ambitious project of swatching ALL the MAC Lipstick shades on this blog.  Yeah, Yeah i know Karla Sugar already has that and Temptalia has all of em on the back of her hand, but with swatches i have the same philosophy with shoes. The more the merrior! So I have sixteen MAC Lipstick Shades swatched below, and many more to come!
The first 5 Mac Lipsticks swatches along with Color Description and Finish as per Mac Website:

  •  1. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick : Vivid Bright Coral Red (Matte)
  • 2. MAC So Chaud Lipstick : Intense reddish orange (Matte) (So Similar to Lady Danger, but oranger)
  • 3. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick: Vivid bluish-red (Matte). Its more a ruby red to me and i absolutely love this color on me, but its the most DRYING lipstick ever! 
  • 4.MAC Russian Red Lipstick: Intense Bluish Red (Matte). Its just a true red to me. Flattering for all
  • 5. MAC Speak Louder Lipstick : Clean Poppy Blue Pink (Cremesheen)

The Next 5 Mac Lipstick Swatches are:
  1. Mac Faux Lipstick : Muted Mauve Pink (Satin)
  2. Mac Blankety :Soft pink beige (Amplified Creme)  I always thought this was a brown, but it swatches much more nude-pinkish
  3. Mac Half n Half : Creamy Pink (Amplified Creme) Classic My Lips but Better according to me !
  4. Mac Verve :Muted Brownish Plum (Satin)
  5. Mac Brick O La:Mid Tone Berry (Amplified Creme)

The Next 6 Mac Lipstick Swatches are: (All the below are my collection)
  1. Mac Stay in Touch Lipstick : (Cremesheen) This is not listed on the mac website surprisingly, but the closest thing to it is ‘Touch’ which is described as a Peachy Cinnamon. It looks brown but its really like a neutral warm color for everyday wear on medium/ dark skin
  2. Mac Cosmo Lipstick  :  Pink Coco (Cremesheen). One of my favourite lipsticks from MAC . A Perfect Pinky brown!
  3. Mac See Sheer Lipstick: Grapefruit Pink (Lustre) . I would call it a soft peachy coral
  4. Mac Plumful Lipstick :Blossoming Rose Pink (Lustre)
  5. Mac Creme in Your Coffee : Creamy Mid Tone Pink Brown (Cremesheen). No arguements with the description there
  6. Mac Capricious Lipstick : Fanciful Rose Plum (Lustre)

Mac Lipstick Swatches
* I might be replacing the above image with a better one soon. Some of the ones in the last picture came out too light

Phew. Recently i read in article about the top 5 Mac Lipstick Shades that sell in India, and i cant remember it exactly but it was Plumful, Touch (which is browner than Stay in Touch), Amorous, Mocha and Twig . I was kind of surprised by that list. I really thought Cosmo would feature somewhere in there !

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