It is quite unbelievable, the kind of excuses i make to buy more makeup. It’s almost like the angel and devil sitting on each shoulder, and the devil always manages to coax the angel that no, i do need more makeup is not a waste of money. This time, the devil said ‘ My blog is becoming a MAC blog, i am stuck in a rut, i need to try out some new and affordable brands’. The angel agreed. I went shopping. The Wallet cried. 

Faces I shine Eyeshadow Quartet

I bought:

  • Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad – Rs 499/-
  • Debora Milano Extra Eye Pencil 04- Rs 270/- (I think)
  • Lotus Eye Contour Eye Definer – Rs 199/-
  • Lakme Glide On Lip Color- Rs -325/-
  • Chambor Flowing Lipstick (This is like a lip creme)- Rs 550/-
Deborah, Lotus and Lakme

Chambor Flowing Lipstick

As of now, i am loving the quad from Faces- very pigmented for the price you pay for that. I tried on the chambor flowing lipstick, and the color is really pretty but i am slightly unsure about how i feel about the finish as of now. Slightly disappointed that the Deborah Eye liner is not as purple as it looks in the nib, but lets see. The Lip liner i got- i love the’s perfect to wear with nudes, and everyday pinks.

Get ready for a whole lot of reviews and looks !

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