Guest Blogging by Aradhna
"Little Miss Muffet,sat on a tuffet,eating her curd and whey,Aradhna sat wondering, through her day blundering, Tap Tap Tapping away...:) "
Hey Guys,This is my first guest blog please be kind and ignore my Noobishness as an when required ^.^Im gonna do this post on the first ever blush I've bought :Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin.

I got this one from Ambience Mall.There is a Mac studio there that I always loiter about. Im too (young-my mum says) and Make-up shy to actually use any. But I always lust at it like a kid at a candy store.
Sigh.. Back to the topic,My reasons for getting this were simple. I was starting college and DU always has these Fresher Bashes.I would obviously need make-up.But I,belonging to the class of Makeup-Virgins, was as clueless as maybe that chick in Aisha(but with better clothes) ^.^ So I did a little search on youtube, to first LEARN how to use stuff. Ima YoutubeNinja. Haiya!
Many videos later, after I had finally got a semblance of the technique one should use, I started looking for Blushes. Now I did not know about Peaches and Blush back then *_*The most common blush I found at that time was this one.Internationally there are more shades available. Here there is Peach Satin and Soft Plum. I was sooo confused about which one to buy, that I actually gritted my teeth and applied one on each cheek.(Tester,I know. Its called Trial by Fire.)But Bingo. I hated the deeper one. It made me look like a had got selectively sun-tanned. :PWhat I love about this is:-It doesn't require advanced gadgetry to apply.-Its pocket friendly at 200 bucks (I think)-It has Jojoba oil as one the Ingredients.-It just gliiiidesss...Like butter(though I would neverrr put it on my face!)-It stays tolerably long and blends seamlessly.All you have to do is take a fingertip full and brush it onto the highest part of your cheeks (Smiling wide helps)and Hey Presto! I blush! Its an adorable size ans it lasts long! (6 g)
I suggest this shade for fair skinned girls and the other for our dusky beauties. I dont like you guys for getting away with makeup every time. My friend is one you too. Cheaters. :( If we put it wrong, we'd look like Dolly Bindra. Boohoohoo :'( I guess thats all I wanted to tell you guys. Its one of the very few makeup things I own and I love it! Im still at the Magpie stage of Make-up initiation. I still go like "Oooh!Thats sparklyyy!" But maybe its just the Mac-Hoarder in me who's just waiting to come of the closet!


                                                                 About the Guest Blogger

Aradhna is a DU girl who is an impulsive shopper(Aren’t we all?), and is discovering the shiny, sparkly world of make-up. I am pretty sure that the Mac Hoarder inside of her that she talks about is going to jump out of the closet very soon. For now, you jump on to her blog for some shopping recommendations , fashion, and general rambling about her life!

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