Ever since i have seen international blogs write about ‘shatter’ or ‘crackling nailpolishes’ i have wanted to get my hands on one. It’s so cool, like a physics experiment (or is it chemistry)  or something. You take a coat of any nailpolish as base, and then put the shatter on top. You stare at it intently for 2 minutes (or not..just that i do that), and then it begins to crack and become all ‘shattery’ !

Since this is my first experience with a shatter nailpolish, i am slightly overjoyed by the effect. I dont like those scaley reptile like shatters you know, so this was perfect for me. I love the neonness of the shade, and i immediately knew i wanted to pair gold with it. It is slightly streaky as you can tell. Some of the shatter is neon pink while some is much lighter but honestly thats just the camera picking up unnecessary detail. Overall, i really like the effect..

How to Use Shatters & Where i got mine from
Apply a base coat of any nailpolish. I used Lakme Gold Frost Nailpolish. Put the shatter on top. Watch it shatter! Mine took about 20 seconds to start the shatter process and within 45 seconds the shatter was complete. The nailpolish in question is one of the very many available at the Born Pretty Nail Art Store  and costs about 5$ .

What is Born Pretty Store?
If you are into nailpolish, or nail art then Born Pretty Store is a must visit website. It has all sorts of gadgets (yes gagdets), nailpolishes, rhinestones, peel off stickers, nail foils and shatters for the makeup lover. If you are into prettifying your nails , and love trying things out like marbling, and gradients and things like that then give it a whirl at www.bornprettystore.com
You can use my coupon code MEJ61 at checkout!

I think this is a love it or hate it kind of a trend. What do you think about it? Love it or hate it?

PS: The reason i applied it so messily is because i was like a kid in the candy store !!!! I couldnt wait for it to start shattering ! I could almost hear background music when it shattered !

Disclaimer: Product sent by company for review. The overawed-ness at the shatter is all me !

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