My sister read about the Nivea Milk and Honey Lip Balm in an  international beauty blog, and saw a couple of youtube beauty gurus rave about it and she became OBSESSED with finding it. It was not available in India, so she called up all her friends who studied in US to buy it for her. They couldn’t find it either, so she searched e-bay (yes e-bay for a 2$ product) and was ready to pay some ten dollar shipping for this little thing!!! Obviously sanity prevailed and she did not…but she was so hung up on it that even her status messages read “Milk and Honey”

Anyway, i being the sweetheart i am already had told one of my trusted inside sources in the UK to go on a scavenger hunt looking for it, and the trusted source finally got it to India. I planned to give this to her  as a surprise so i told her to close her eyes cos i wanted to put something in her hand…and she says ‘No i am not closing my eyes and opening my hand…You will put a pigeon in it’..HUH???????  (She has pigeon phobia…she gets scared if anyone even makes flapping noises)
Here is what Nivea says about it

Nivea Claims “The formula, enriched with natural Milk Protein & rich Golden Honey, pampers your lips with nature‚Äôs best remedies to give your lips the strength and moisture they need”

My View

Packaging and Smell : Its a standard Nivea tube with a cute little  banana yellow stick in it – . My initial instinct when i try any lip balm or skin care product is to smell it, and this one gives a very light whiff of milk and honey . Its not in your face, but sniff it a couple of times (without anyone seeing you, or they will think you are cuckoo) and you will get that honey scent coming through. A lot of people say ot smells slightly floral to them, but it just smells like honey and milk to me ! And given that warm honey scents get me drooling, this is right up my alley

Texture , Wear  etc: I get about three to four hours of wear with this which is pretty good for a lip balm .The texture is definitely thicker than most lip balms i have tried. It glides on  super softly , but there is a slight waxy texture to it. If you rub your lips together, you will notice a certain feeling of waxiness, but not strong enough to bother me. I  also wish they added an SPF to this, it would be perfect then!

Moisturization and Softening Ability: Its definitely a soothing and softening lip balm. The kind you can put on at night and forget about it- Nivea always gets their basics right. My lips feel soft, smooth and kissable (muah!) after i apply this…I do feel however that the balm sort of makes this thick layer on top of your lips, so it protects it from additional damage, but  it kind of sits on your lips and doesn’t go very deep to intensely nourish. So after three hours, your lips do feel slightly dry again.

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Price: Rs 3$ (This one has not released in India yet, but Nivea has launched their ‘Pure and Natural Range’  recently. They haven’t included this as part of it yet, but it might come soon!)

Will I repurchase: If its available in India , yes ! But i do want to try the other balms from their Pure and natural range.

Recommendation: Nivea Milk and Honey is a clear, non colored,  softening lip balm which smells of  the yumminess of milk and honey (Mmmmmm). It has a thicker texture than other lip balms, and it envelopes and protects your lips for a good three to four hours making them soft and nourished. It does have just a slight waxy texture to it which tends to sit on your lips and does not seep in too deep, but it really is a super great lip balm otherwise.

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