My Nyx Frappucino Lipstick went to war and came back, that’s why it looks so battered. See it got into a bit of a fight with my other nude lipsticks , it was all a terrible misunderstanding .Mac Hug Me did not like Nyx Frappucino’s attitude and… Sigh.. my poor Frappucino. No, not really. This is just the result of what happens to a Nyx lipstick if it is exposed to even slight heat or transportation. Its a shame really, because the colors Nyx has are just lovely.

Nyx Frappucino Lipstick Swatch
Nyx Frappucino – The perfect Peachy Nude
Frappucino is definitely one of my favourite kind of colors when it comes to wearing a Nude lip. It is a peach based nude- with enough warmth in it to not make me look dead, but still sophisticated, polished and understated – to make really the perfect nude. As a medium toned girl, who is always on the look out of the perfect nude lipstick, this color comes very close!  It is the kind of lipstick, that you can wear everyday for a lovely muted  look, or you can wear it with a smokey eye as a true nude. Very versatile, this Nyx Frappucino- just like an actual Frappucino is. You reach for it to kickstart your mornings, or after long night outs.

General Thoughts on Nyx Round Lipsticks: Great Texture, Aweful Lasting Power, Fragile Packaging

I find Nyx Lipsticks to be uber creamy and  very pigmented , they glide on in a breeze. They have this really nice slightly satin finish with a shine to them which i really like.  However, they have a tendency to break really easily because they are so creamy that they melt under the heat. The packaging is really flimsy and i wish Nyx did something about it. They also dont last long at all, and are gone in about 3 hours.  It is a total shame that they are so fragile because i like so many of the colors that Nyx comes out with, but they always lose out in this department.

Nyx Frappucino on lips :Without Flash
Nyx Frappucino on lips :With Flash

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5 or B+
Price: Rs 320/-

Will I repurchase: Unless i find a sturdier, more long lasting dupe  of this..yup

Recommendation: Frappucino is one of the most flattering  nude- peach lipsticks on my medium skin (NC35-ish) , and it suits darker olive skin tones just as much as it does lighter. It’s subtle enough to be a nude, but the peach in it still gives it enough life so i dont look lifeless ! LOVE the color -can wear it as easily with neutral eyes, as i can with smokey ones. It does not score very high marks because of the usual problem with Nyx lipsticks- Flimsy, Poor lasting power, Melts easily.

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