Do any of you watch 24? The Tv series? I was up almost all of last night watching episode upon episode- i just couldnt stop.The last time i was so badly hooked onto a series was when the OC came out  and  that’s funny because OC is VERY different from 24.The OC was about bad boys in black gunjees, and rich troubled teenagers…24 is about secret service, and the US president and a whole lot of action squeezed into 24 hours.

Well, anyway so today when i woke up..lets just say it was one of those ‘look into the mirror and say ‘aaaagghhh!” moments. Circles that would get me a lead role in Kungfu Panda 3 and skin that looked so sallow and dull. Thats when this Nyx cream blush in tea rose came in handy. Its not a brightening kind of a blush, but its such a great everyday pink that gives  a lot of warmth to the face!

Nyx Tea Rose Cream Blush :The color
In the pan, Nyx In the Pan cream blush will fool you. It will make you think that it is a deep earthy color- like a very deep almost brown apricot. But dont get fooled by this is tricky one, because once on skin and blended it is a neutral pink . The earthyness just lends warmth to the blush , so you end up with a very natural everyday natural pink flush that warms up your skintone. You can see how nice the blended swatch looks…

Above: Swatched Nyx tea Rose Blush without flash

Above: Swatched Nyx tea Rose Blush with flash

Pigmentation and finish

Super pigmented, and a little goes a long long way. It gives a sort of glow to your cheeks, like cream blushes usually do.I am a dry skinned girl, so this glow is more than welcome…however if you have oily and sensitive skin you may want to test the waters with cream blushed before taking the plunge


I have to say that this is one of the best cream blush textures i have come across. It is not thick and overly sticky like MAC, but light and blendable.
Blending is a total breeze with this. I use my kabuki to blend, but honestly fingers can blend it just as easily. I just like furry things grazing my face. I need to get a pet.

Lasting Power

This is the only area where it dissapoints me. It does not last on me at all. Like i get about 3 hours of wear with this, and then it slides off! Such a pity because its so great otherwise!

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-
Will I repurchase: Definitely!
Price: Depends on where you buy. I got it for 520/- from . It is cheaper on international websites but then shipping comes into the picture
Recommendation:Its the kind of color that will look great on most skintones. If you are much darker than medium then you may want to test and see whether this shows up, but otherwise this is a really pretty neutral pink with really warm undertones. Its super blendable , light, and pigmented. Pain point- It does not last long at all!

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