Have you ever met a Schizophrenic lipstick? One with a multiple personality disorder? No? Well let me introduce you to Nyx Thalia. While most lipsticks look different on different skin tones, Thalia not just looks different,  it completely goes see sawing in all sorts of crazy directions depending on your lip color or skin color. I also think it changes colors according to my mood, and outfit but that just might be a figment of my imagination :p

Nyx Thalia Swatch
The Color:
Thalia is this  neutral pinky  brown color which has this mauve- purple undertone to it. I have seen it look like a great everyday natural lipstick on lighter skin tones, and a pretty nude lipstick on darker skintones but on me…i just havent found a way to work it. The mauvey undertones make my face look really washed out , pale and grey ! The only way to make this work for me is under a gloss- then it look like a pink nude.
 Nyx Thalia Swatch

General Thoughts on Nyx Round Lipsticks
I find Nyx Lipsticks to be uber creamy and  very pigmented , they glide on in a breeze. They have this really nice slightly satin finish with a shine to them which i really like. They have a tendency to break really easily because they are so creamy that they melt under the heat. The packaging is really flimsy and i wish Nyx did something about it. They also dont last long at all, and are gone in about 3 hours. 

Overall Verdict : 3/5 or B

Price: Rs 320/-

Will I repurchase: Maybe some other shades. Not this one.

Color Type: MLBB for lighter skin, Nude for darker skin

Recommendation:  This particular color just does not work on me and makes me look washed out and grey unless i wear it under a gloss, but iv seen it work on lighter or darker skintones so i dont get what problem it has with me! In general Nyx Lipsticks are super creamy, and very pigmented which glide on easily, but they have VERY flimsy packaging , melt easily and dont last long either.

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