Someone has been listening to our cribbing about the lack of online beauty destinations in India..maybe its Rupert Murdoch tapping Indian Beauty Bloggers as well ( I kid!)..because all of a sudden there is a surge of Indian websites selling makeup and cosmetics online.
I put together a small little list of the ones i have found  with some of my thoughts.

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1.  They have most of the popular brands like Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline, along with brands bloggers love like Nyx and OPI! Its actually the first website in India to start stocking Nyx so props for that! I love their super fast  and  free  cash on delivery system (one of the few websites which has free shipping plus COD no matter what quantity you order), and brilliant customer service, along with the cute little black boxes they send the products in.(Dont throw these- use them to store your makeup!).
My tiny complaint with them is that it  gets difficult to navigate  sometimes. For example- if i want a maybelline lipstick- the same generic picture of the maybelline lipstick will be repeated 50 times, and i will have to read each of the 50 names and then find the shade i want. It would be just easier for me to see one picture and then do a “Click for swatch”.

2.– They have a super snazzy layout, possibly the most aesthetically pleasing of all the sites mentioned here  with a cool Editors Picks section. (I wanna be editor for a day!) This has a lot of high end brands like Elizabeth Arden and Dermalogica. I also like the way they display the products. Each product has a seperate picture where you can see the  color easily.  Cash on delivery is always a bonus! My complaint with this one is that as of now, the makeup section is woefully inadequate. Elizabeth Arden is all they have currently, and i would have liked to see the mineral cheek color and the eyeshadow as well as blush / bronzer palettes included in this range. I also do not see a free shipping logo any where so i dont know about that.

3.– Houses most popular brands like Revlon, Maybelline, Faces etc and promises to bring in more.  They have a “Cherry culture” like feel to the website- each product is displayed with one picture, and then you click through and view the swatches. I like that!  I wish the swatches were bigger though! Free shipping, Cash on Delivery is very welcome! Though Free shipping option is only if you order in excess of 500/-

4.– Have mentioned this in the past- it sells Jordana cosmetics. The site is pretty difficult to navigate honestly. There are no categories for  eyes, lips, face etc but random products that float about in the air. Jordana is hard to come by though, so its nice to have a website stocking that!

There are a lot of other ones in the market too such as: Healthkart, Violica, Oxyshopping etc
I would really like to see how all of these grow in the future. I hope they start to import cosmetics as well…I wanna see Urban Decay, Nars, MUFE, Benefit, Stila, theBalm, LA Colors, Wet n Wild , Too Faced, Smashbox, China Glaze- everything from affordabe to luxe brands that we get internationally.  Now that Sephora has plans of setting up in India, it might be nice to get a bit of a headstart on it !

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