Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Has anyone made you feel  all special and tingly lately? A new crush, the boy you are dating, your husband, or just your friends or your parents?   The person that has me tied up in knots is this ‘Oh So Special ‘ Palette by Sleek. The palette is special in itself, but   the icing on the cake is that it was a gift from a special someone . (Yeah..the same special someone who hates makeup and thinks coral is green…he has redeemed himself ;) …some brownie points really do need to be added to his kitty)

Sleek Oh So Special Palette Photo
Right half of the Palette

Left Half of the Palette (Doesnt look like its part of the same palette, does it?)

The  Oh So  Special Swatches
Sorry about the mediocre swatches, I did not find time to do these properly :(

Bow: A  creamy off white matte shade. This is one of my favourite highlight colors under the brow bone

Organza: A stunning gold and pink duochrome  shimmer shade. Very similar to MAC’s Expensive Pink. Love this color, but i do feel i need to use a sponge tip applicator, or pat it wet, to get the duochromeness to show

Ribbon: A pink coral color- matte. I dont find it a very flattering color for my eye color or skin shade, but im still experimenting with it.

Gift Basket: A very pretty bronzey brown color with shimmer. I use this just as an over all wash on the lid everyday

Glitz: One  of the most pigmented gunmetal grey colors with silver shimmer. Very pretty color.

Celebrate: The swatch does not do justice to this, it is a shimmery blackened purple, but still retains it purple-ness. You can use this for a purple smokey eye with ease !  However , this did go on a little streaky for me

Pamper: A pale whitish pink. I found this slightly chalky , and i wish they had put in a shimmery beige / gold instead of this

Gateau: Another stand out shade from the palette with a gold, purple duochrome. Gorgeous! Perfect for soft romantic looks

The Mail: A matte beige which is exactly the color of my skin (hence invisible). I use this for blending colors together or for transitioning between two contrasting colors

Boxed: A matte chocolate brown. I found it slightly patchy ..

Wrapped Up:A purplish brown  matte crease , or outer corner color. I found this very similar to MAC Sketch. 

Noir: A basic matte black. Every girl needs one.

Overall Thoughts
All the eyeshadows are very soft and buttery, and blend like a breeze.They are pigmented, with the shimmery ones being more pigmented than the matte ones- and have a decent lasting power, though you will notice some fading . 

The standout shades for me were definitely the two duochromes- Geatau, and Organza which are unique and gorgeous . I recommend using these with the sponge tip applicator to pack it on  or wet, somehow i find that when used with a brush, the duochrome just doesnt show off its potential. Another great shade is celebrate- which is a blackened purple along with Glitz which is definitely one of the most pigmented shades overall..overall i feel the shimmery ones were definitely more unique than the matte ones.

Another thing worth noting is how little fallout you get with these. Apart from Celebrate, which has some fallout, each of these has minimal fallout. A hugely refreshing change because invariably with shimmery shadows, i end up with a pool of glitter under my eye.

I would have switched up the pinks in the palette with something else personally, i found Pamper the weakest shade- it was slightly chalky on me. Boxed is a nice matte brown, but it was just slightly patchy. But  Overall, i think its a very value for money palette!
 Overall Verdict :4.5/5 or A
Price: $10.50 (It says 12$ on the website, but when yo go to checkout, it is 10.50$) . Shipping to India costs about 13$ , and i got mine within a week !

Will I repurchase: I am going to definitely get some more Sleek. I heard they are coming out with a nude palette soon!

Recommendation: Its an immensely versatile palette- great for everyday neutrals, to soft nightime romantic looks, to intense smokey eyes . Thats the best part of it really, you can carry this on a trip and rest assured that you will have enough eyeshadows for every occasion. Sleek eyeshadows are buttery, soft and blendable…the best part of them being that they are pigmented with zero fallout. My favourite shades were the 2 duochromes, and the shimmery ones, while i was slightly dissapointed with the matte pinks in the palette.

Ill do an EOTD soon!

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