I love watching Lisa Elridge. She is a super talented make up artist who  does looks that are so wearable, simple to follow and most importantly she makes it all about the skin! Besides that, she is immensely knowledgable and you will definitely come off a lot wiser after watching her videos. Here are 5 of my favourite videos

The No Makeup- Makeup Look!
Its the look we all want to achieve. The’I am naturally gorgeous – i dont need makeup ‘ makeup look.

The Primer, Foundation, Concealer Series
Lisa has a entire series for primers, concealers, foundation . This is the introduction to those 3 videos. I recommend you watch each of the  3 videos individually as well. These are basics for everyone!

Acne Covering Makeup
 Super Helpful to those with bad skin, who want corrective makeup for great looking skin!

A quick smokey eye
Lisa teaches you how to do a quick smudgy smokey eye with cream eyeshadows!
Glowy Bronze Skin and Kohl
I love skin tutorials, and Lisa is so great at them. This one is all about that glowy bronze glow , with just a bit of kohl for that sunkissed girl look!

Which are your favourite beauty video’s

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