According to me – the best ‘baked’ goods start with ‘C’- Cookies, Cakes, Casseroles and Chips (Hippo Baked Chips anyone? ) . Sometimes earthlings like to play around with nature and insert things like baked blushes and baked eyeshadows in there too ! The result is a gorgeous looking baked  blush like Amber’D or. Doesnt it look like a planet though? Imagine- the peach planet after Uranus- Bourjoiness.
Its a lot more peachy-orange looking in real life. Mine has hardened a lot over time so lost some of the color

Amber D’or- The Color
Amber D’or is a peachy coral with lots of gold reflects in it. It is definitely more on the peach-orange side than pink, and is the kind of shade that the lighter lassies as well as the darker damsels rock equally well ! Very inclusive this blush- It dont matter if you are black or white, Amber D’or makes a gorgeous sight ! (Lame i know). You all know my undying love, obsession and almost crazy levels of addiction to peach blushes so no wonder it is right up my alley- Peach & Gold  together in a cute pot. You might as well have Mehak written all over it. 

General Thoughts on Bourjois Blushes

I cant really say i love Bourjois Blushes honestly. The thing about them is that because they are baked i find they harden really quickly. Once they harden, the pigmentation levels drop drastically . (Just like how when brownies get too hard, it dont taste too good!) Also all of them have a lot of glitter in them…so often you will dig your brush in and apply it on your cheeks  to build up the color to a nice ‘Im not a clown  but i flush pretty’ level and see that you have glitter all over your right cheek . On the other hand , they are very long wearing blushes and they have some of the prettiest shades available

Overall Verdict  3.5/5 or B+

Will I repurchase: Similar shade , but different brand

Price: Rs 550/-

Recommendation: Its a gorgeous kind of deep salmon peach with  gold shimmer in it. VERY Flattering for all kind of indian skin tones and a color i absolutely LOVE! I dont particularly love Bourjois blushes because they harden really quickly and drop in pigmentation levels  and sometimes the shimmer becomes overpowering for me, but they do have a cult following amongst others, so judge for yourself!

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