Isn’t August a great month- We get two long weekends to enjoy ! (God bless our country for the number of holidays we celebrate).  Little Trivia- did you know August was originally named Sextilis in Latin.  Hmm, i wonder why…*inserts sleazy eyebrow raising smiley* .
While you ponder on that, here is a super quick eye makeup tutorial using blue, gold, and purple. I did not use a primer with this,  and since these are shimmery shadows  it creased a LOT (Pardon please!)

You Will need:
  • Blue Eyeshadow ( I am using Blue from theBalm Vol 2 Palette)
  • Purple Eyeshadow (I am using Faces I-Shine Quartet)
  • Gold Eyeshadow (I am using an Inglot Gold Eyeshadow)
  • Liner and Mascara (Liner – lotus Herbals Kajal(not great), and Maybelline Collosall Volume Mascara)
  • A gold eyepencil (optional- I am using Maybelline Gold Vivid and Smooth)

Step 1: Place blue eyeshadow on the crease, extending it inwards till 3/4 of your eyebrows

Step 2: Take the purple eyeshadow and place it just below the blue one, covering the outer half of your eye. This color should not extend beyond the outer half of your eyebrow like the blue did

Step 3: Take the Gold Eyeshadow and color in the blank space ( Sort of like a triangular shape will be left). It’s like a jigsaw puzzle ..Wheee!!!
Step 4:Take a fluffy brush , place it on the outside of the blue and make back and forth wiping motions to blend it. If you dont know what wiping motions are…wave at someone like a kid waves, but instead while imagining a pencil in your hand. Yup, thats a wiper!

Step 5 ( No Pic): You can very lightly blend the colors together, but honestly even if you dont its alright. Over blending can cause just lightly put your brush where two color meet each other and run your brush in very very tiny strokes along those lines(Sorry i dont have a pick for this)

Step 6 :Take a soft black eye pencil, line your eyes and curl your lashes. ALso, take a gold eye pencil and the inner corner apply it in a vertical motion. Apply mascara on your lashes. Tad-a!

Step 6: Look at yourself in the mirrow, blow a kiss and Wink!..or..not !

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