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It’s a well known fact that iPhone is the gadget of the day. The range of applications that the iPhone provides is something that can make anybody, without one, very jealous. A new, free iPhone application that provides real time advice on Fashion from professional fashion stylists called “Ask a Stylist” which is vetted by Glamour magazine has hit the market. This new iPhone application could easily replace best friends and sales people in beauty stores and boutiques when it comes to getting advice on style. It could be a better shopping companion too. You just have to take a snap of the dress you want to buy and upload it and within 15 minutes you will get opinion and advice from a set of stylists. 

This application claims to be the first app to link people in real time and is one of the latest fashion tools that have entered the already crowded market of about 185,000 iPhone applications. Citing the large number of applications available as the reason, Apple was not able to confirm whether this was the first application to provide real-time advice on iPhone. A recent study conducted on the iTunes store showed up applications that allowed people to perform search on various Web sites and also submit their queries in the various social networking sites, but it didn’t show up anything that provides real-time answers from real people.

This application “Ask a Stylist” has been created by online shopping portal in partnership with Glamour magazine. This app is provided free of cost right now and is planning to generate revenue by making branded partnerships. To serve its customers a team of eight certified professional stylists trained by Glamour magazine will be on call 24 hours a day, throughout the week. Uploading photos of dresses or accessories or by submitting their own photo and then selecting the stylist and then submitting the question under the categories provided is all the user has to do. The stylist you have chosen will reply with his advice. Profiles of stylists are also included. So, customers have the choice to select stylists of their choice.

As real-time conversation is essential in this application and how you word the questions is important as it can impact the accuracy of the reply you receive. CEO and co-founder of Munjal Shah said as the application is still in flux, there may be more changes once it starts being used widely. As iPhone Applications goes,This one seems to be winner. So what are you waiting for. Download and enjoy!

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