In case you noticed my blog feeling a bit empty lately, its because i missed  this Friday’s 5 ! Shock. Gasp. Horror. I couldn’t just let it go now right. A belated happy birthday wish is always better than no happy birthday, and hence this is a rather *Belated* Fridays 5 !

1. L’oreal Gel Liner: I have the brown one in this, and i really really like it !  On the expensive side about Rs 710 /-  , and comes with a brush along side .( All gel liners should include a complimentary brush in my opinion!). *Review coming soon!*

2.MAC Fluidlines: I have two of these- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and a blue one called MAC Siahi. Both are gorgeous, smooth with rich color payoff and long lasting power. Price is about 1100/-

3.Maybelline  Lasting Drama Gel Liner: One of the cheapest eyeliners available, it comes with a very handy brush and is pigmented and smooth. I have an issue with this because i have sensitive eyes and it REALLY stings my waterline as well as makes my eyes go red and watery..but for those with sturdier peepers, this will do the job just fine! Price: Rs 375/-

4.Coastal Scents Gel Liner: If you want a hot pink Gel Liner, a Blue Gel liner, a lime green gel liner or even a silver gel liner, Coastal Scents has you covered. These come in a whole host of absolutely gorgeous colors are known to be dupes for MAC Fluidlines. May irritate sensitive eyes, but i had a pot of this and it worked alright on me Price: 7$ or Rs 350 +shipping

5.Estee Lauder Double Wear Gel Liner: The newest from the EL house, these gel liners come in 3 shades- Onyx, Coffee and Midnight. I tried this in the EL store and i LOVED stay onyx- smooth, vivid slightly shimmery blackened navy. Outside of my budget though! Price: Rs 1770/-

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