As far as i am concerned , it is still summer in Delhi, and until the jackets in my closet call out my name  it is going to stay like that ! What better way to enjoy the last few months of summer with some bright summery colors!

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Left: My face looking distorted cos i was trying to say something :p
I have a problem. I cannot look at the camera straight. You will notice it in all my pictures…they are all at an angle! See, i have a rather..err..round…face. Its the kind of face that, no matter how much weight i lose…will always be chubby ! Not very flattering for camera photography honestly…the only people who truly love my face shape are women my grandmothers age who come and pull my cheeks and say things like my face shape is like the moon. They mean it as a compliment , but its just a reminder to me -Fat face. Fat face. Fat face!

So enjoy my ‘angled’ photograophs for now and in case you meet me in person please be polite and dont point at my face and compare it to a basket ball. Please..

L’oreal Matt Morphose Foundation
MAC Slect Moisture Cover Concealer
Colorbar Just Earth Blush

Emerald Green Eyeshadow from Nyx “For Brown Eyes Palette”
Light Green Eyeshadow from “Lakme Botanical Eye Quad”
Lakme Forever Silk  Green Eyeliner 

Lakme Aphrodite Blush mixed with Mac Hug Me (Love this combination)

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