On friday mornings , my office turns into zombie land. All the employees trudge wearily into work with eyes glazed over and transfixed , with huge zombie like dark circle to match. See i work strange timings, and on friday’s work starts at an absolutely unearthly hour of half past eight – which is the reason that the inner zombie in us comes out. With Garnier’s new Tinted Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll On, i almost feel like the magic wand to un-zombify me has been created …thanks Garnier!

Garnier Tinted Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll On

I have the Roll On in “For Medium Skin ” and this is the swatch below unblended

 I have the Roll On in “For Medium Skin ” and this is the swatch below blended. As you can see, it is not a perfect match and it is still too light for my skin tone

Garnier Claims
Roll-on with dual anti dark circles action: Instant Coverage: Concentrated in mineral pigments, it covers dark circles in a flash. Soft, natural-looking finish, long lasting wear. Anti-dark circles hydrating care: Enriched with caffeine and pure lemon essence, it combines a hydrating formula and the draining effect of a massage to effectively reduce dark circles and reveal a radiant and fresh look.

The roll on is basically a light everyday concealer which also has depuffing properties , and helps you feel awake with the help of caffeine. I have to admit i had low expectations from the product given that their earlier roll on- the one with the yellow wand, did nothing for me !

Garnier Tinted Anti Dark Circle Roll On- My View

Depuffing and Refreshing Properties
It definitely does make me feel more awake. The roller ball against the skin has this cooling sensation and you can  feel the difference in your face with your eyes feeling relaxed and brighter. I wont comment on the depuffing thing, as i havent noticed too much of an effect on that.

As a concealer
It does conceal too ! It has light to medium coverage and it requires some getting used to, but essentially it does its job. It covers my red dark circles nicely, it is light and blendable and does not dry out the skin. The best part- it does not crease AT ALL. So you dont  age a hundred years with lines under your eyes. Seriously, impressive stuff!! If you are not used to working with thin , runny concealers then you might not like this too much because concealers with that consistency need to blended well to avoid looking patchy. Blending is not really a problem, it does not dry out instantly so its not like you need to work with it extra quickly or else it will just dry up. You can definitely notice the difference in the before and after picture right?

Wear Time and Hydration
The wear is just average, not what you would get from a proper concealer. I would say it begins to fade within 5- 6  hours if you are out in the heat specially. It is hydrating, my under eye area does not feel as tight as it does with some concealers that i wear so i assume this is doing its job! I guess one nuisance with this is that you usually hold it at a 90 degree angle with your eye and a lot of times the product just does not come out because of the law Mr Newton discovered- Gravity

Shades available
There are 4 shades available in this- Very light, light, medium and dark . This is really where the catch lies. I am an NC 35 -ish and i have the medium one in this ..and even that i feel is not the perfect match for me because it is a tad lighter than the concealers i generally use. On the other hand, judging from the swatches of ‘dark’ it seems way too dark for me. I have found a way to work with this one- with the perfect quantity to apply, it works for me but i can imagine darker girls having some problems finding a skin shade.

Best way to apply
This is definitely a product that takes time getting used to . So dont give up on it after trying it for 3 days. The best way for me is to not apply huge quantities of it right under the lower lash line, but to lightly apply it in dots on the shadows of your dark circles and then blend it out with your ring finger. The quantity you apply is a personal thing, i feel mine looks too light if i go the whole hog on this, but it is perfect if used sparingly!

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-

Price: Rs 180/-

Will I repurchase: Definitely!!!

Recommendation: The roll on acts like a concealer with light to medium coverage, along with making your eyes look awake and brighter , and feels super cooling and refreshing under your eyes. As a concealer it does not crease, and does not dry out your under eye area either !! Definitely a brilliant invention by Garnier this ! It could have had a better wear time, and i feel people might have issues finding a skin match, but that aside …given the price this retails at, i would think it is going to become a handbag staple for many girls!! It is for me !

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