Or any other sales woman for that matter?

I haven’t but my sister had a huge massive fight with a MAC SA recently. This is what happened. She went to buy a Studio Fix Powder and the Sales Woman Recommended something like an NC 44 or something to her. That shade was way too dark or my sister (atleast that is what my sister thought), but the MUA insisted  that this was in fact her shade, and it would look weird if she wore anything lighter. Anyway the next morning, she wore it and everyone asked her whether she had become tanned, or why her face was looking so dull.. So she went to MAC to return it- saying that she had bought it on the recommendation of the SA who had insisted that this was the correct shade but clearly it was too dark and she wanted 2 shades lighter…

This is what the SA did – She raised her hand, said “Sorry, i cant do anything about it”..and walked away. That  kind of rudeness never goes down well with anyone so she created a scene and demanded that she speak to a senior MUA. Thankfully, the SA agreed and the senior MUA agreed to exchange it in one minute !

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