Lakme Forever Silk Jaded Mint Eyeliner
Hello Hello World ! What are the plans for this weekend? My Saturday has a karaoke night in store for me (ever been to one of those?) I love karaoke bars BUT i can never get on stage and sing..not alone atleast. The only kind of singing i do is pretending my blow dryer is a microphone ..inside my dresser…Dancing, not singing is my forte .What about you guys? Anyway, up for discussion today is Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in ‘Jaded Mint’. Coincidentally, these forever silk liners are also being repromoted in the Absolute Collection


Jaded Mint is a deep emerald green with shimmer. Its an absolutely stunning green for my skin tone, and eye color.Being a jewel tone shade, this is the kind of green that looks fab on indian skin. Like have you seen Batman & Robin- the one with Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman)? It makes me feel very Poison Ivy-ish when i go the whole hog with a good way!

I thought the Lakme Forever Silk eyeliners went on really soft and smoothly without major tugging or pulling or contorting my eye into all sorts of various positions(Kids..dont try that at home).It was super pigmented and one stroke was enough for green gorgeousness! It alson stays true to its claim of lasting the entire day without major smudging so brownie greenie points for that .

One thing though is that  the color loses its intenseness  and kind of fades in richness. If you use it on your lower lash line, you will also notice that by the end of the day there is fallout from the eyeliner and there will be slight specks of green glitter decorating your dark circles. Hmm..not pretty! What the single most annoying thing about this though, is that this does NOT come off with water…i mean thats okay for me since i use a makeup remover , but for 90% of india who use water and soap to remove their makeup thats a major pain in the butt!

Overall Verdict :3.5/5 or B+

Price: Rs 380/-

Would I Repurchase: If i find an un-dupeable shade. Otherwise, this is a pretty high price for Lakme.

Recommendation: Jaded Mint is a stunning emerald green, very flattering for my brown eyes and definitely one of the prettiest iv come across..I found Forever Silk eyeliners to be soft and smooth with long lasting color. However, i do notice fallout and some fading from them at the end of the day and they are pretty hard to remove!

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