If you own a lot of lipsticks, then storing these can be majorly annoying. You need to have them in a way in which you can view their names (or numbers…i am talking to you Mr.Inglot Lipstick) , which sounds simple- like stacking them all next to each other in a see through tight fit compartment, but then you also want that when you take one of them out, the rest should’nt just collapse  ! This is an easy way to store your lipsticks and also put all your Urban Touch boxes to good use!

You Will Need:

  • A Box (If you order makeup from Urban Touch then DONT throw their boxes away- they are really useful)
  • A Thermocol sheet (This comes with the Urban Touch boxes)
  • A Cutter

Take any box. The longer the better (Specially if you have many lipsticks)

Find a thermocol sheet that fits inside. Like i said, when you order from Urban Touch the box and thermocol come together 
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Draw tiny squares or circles on the thermocol sheet. Make sure these are smaller than how fat your lipsticks are. If they are bigger, it wont work. You want a tight fit- think of it like a bandage dress for your  curvacious lipsticks!
Take a cutter and scoop out the thermocol in each square
That’s it ! Place the thermocol inside the box and start fitting your lipsticks into their brand new clothes , inverted. This way you can see the names of each of them so you know which ones to pick out


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