Chocolate mousse anyone, with hazelnut flavouring? Iv taken a bit of a dip in it, but its so rich and luscious you will love every bit(e) ! L’oreal Brown 24 hour Super Liner  may resemble a lush chocolate souffle but make no mistake about it- it is one smooth fox ! By that i mean it is silky smooth on application, heavily pigmented and long lasting…(I just added the hazelnut flavouring doesn’t actually contain hazelnut obviously, you dont want people to like lick your eye… are into that kind of stuff. Hey I’m not judging !)

Loreal claims
“Intense color results. Waterproof and smudge proof”

My view

As the name suggest ,this L’oreal Liner is brown ! Slightly boring for a beauty blogger to write about since we are so into describing colors like “having an x undertone” or having “y colored reflects”, Nope, this is a matte basic chocolate brown- like Cadbury Bournville ! I admit i do like my brown to have shimmer in them else they start looking dull , specially on my skin..

The liner itself is super. Out of all the three gel liners i have tried (Maybelline, Loreal, MAC, CS), this has been the smoothest to apply. It glides on effortlessly much like its more expensive big brother the MAC Fluidlines.It is very pigmented, so one stroke is good to go and wears a really LONG time. We are talking 8 hours at work and then some, though it does fade at the end of the day. Another thing i noticed was that it took just slightly longer to dry than  the Maybelline one, so you can work with it in case you have a makeup mishap.  Once it dries it is completely smudge and waterproof !Also Maybelline stung my eye, this didn’t!

It comes with a brush similar to that of Maybelline one- except its just a wee bit longer. The brush quality is identical to maybelline.

Pet peeve- does not come off with water. You will definitely need a makeup remover with this on!

Overall Verdict: 5/5 or A+

Price: Rs 710/-

Will I repurchase: One is enough for now

Recommendation: Keeping my personal preference for shimmery brown liners aside, i cant fault this matte liner for the quality it delivers. Super smooth, pigmented and long lasting with rich vivid color payoff! Maybelline Liner stings my eye A LOT and hence i prefer this to that..also because this is smoother.

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