Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation Review

Under usual circumstances, i would NOT be attracted to a foundation called ” L’oreal Matte Morphose” for two reasons:
    1. The word ‘Matte‘ puts me off. I like the word ‘dewy’ , i have combination dry skin so i love the dewy glow!


  • The word “Morphose” is kind of gross. It sounds like some wierd morphing creature. Ick. Slimy. 



So why did i buy this? Well it was one of those times when you enter a store to bu a foundation and ten sales people attack you from different directions. “Madame- Revlon Photoready perfect hai”, “Madame Chambor lee jiye!”, “Madame  Madame- Bourjois Bio Detox to try kariye”. I was so sick of everything , i just grabbed anything at the spur of the moment and ran out. If you have read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”, you would know that “Spur of the moment instinctive ” decisions are often better than any overly planned decision. This was definitely one of those times!

L’oreal Matte Morphose: For Smooth, Flawless Skin
  • Texture

See how Matte Morphose looks, like rich coffee flavoured mousse mmmmm …. Its soft to touch and blends like a breeze in the slightest touch (atleast with a brush it does). Dont get freaked out if while blending you see some flakes, those appear for two seconds and dissapear on their own. I wont exactly call this lightweight though- it will feel slightly heavy on you skin  but nothing you cant handle.

  • Coverage

Loreal Matte Morphose is definitely a heavy coverage foundation- atleast for me since i am used to tintd moisturizers and lighter foundations.. I am not someone who wears foundation everyday so i bought this for special occasions. Its perfect for that. It covers all my splotchiness, redness, veins, bumps. Its my magic eraser and gives me smooth , flawless skin !!Inspite of the super heavy coverage, it does not feel heavy on the skin but silky and lightweight! It also does not dry out my skin or result in dry patches which a lot of foundations can end up doing.

  • Finish 

Yes, the finish is matte BUT..there is a big but here (I like big butts and i cannot lie !!! ;)) ..yes BUT..it is not an overly matte cakey finish. I still feel like my face looks natural and fresh and my cheeks still look dewy.  I dont need to set this with powder since it mattifies just the right amount but still lets the glow shine through. One comment here- I did moisturize my face before putting this on (I always do) , so its possible if you just put it on, then this may be matt-ier or drier than usual.

Not my favourite foundation for flash photography though i have to say. It looks amazing in person and without flash but with flash its a bit of an issue because it reflects light.

 Okay so this before and after picture above is a bit pointless since you can really tell anything.  But look closely at how my green veins look less prominent.


  • Lasting Power

I usually  wear this on nights out for functions or parties. It stays on the entire night without sliding off my face or oxidizing and becoming discolored. I haven’t worn this out in the heat so no comments on heat tolerance, but it lasts a good 7 hours on me without any wearing off! Hats off to  Loreal for that!

  • Other factors

A word on the packaging- now i use my Sigma F80 brush (click here for review) to apply this thing and it goes on in a breeze. However, for someone who does not have a brush i would feel it is kind of difficult to apply. Its not liquid so you cant slather it across your hands, and it might look patchy if you apply dots. So i would definitely recommend using a brush with this!

Also, there is not that much product in there. For the price you pay..you get 20 ml and with the kind of consistency this is..you do end up using a fair amount with each usage.
I use the shade ‘200’ in this which is a pretty good shade match for me, except i wish it had a bit more yellow in it!
Here is me wearing Loreal Matte Morphose FOundation. This was a definite bad skin day for me and matte morphose came to my rescue! I had mosquitos eating my forehead and  a lot of discoloration around my mouth!
Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-
Price:  Rs 1025 /- (I bought it at a 15% discount so it was 900 something)
Will I repurchase: Yes
Recommendation:  I am surprised by how much i actually like my Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation ! This is a heavy coverage foundation, that gives a smooth flawless finish that lasts a really long time. The finish is matte, but not overly so and definitely not cakey.  It’s my special occasion foundation and works great like that ! I do think you need to give some thought into how you apply it, its perfect with a brush but might be very  difficult to blend without. Also would NOT recommend for flash photography.

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