Today’s mathematical lesson is all about a simple addition of two variables from the same big superset to give you a new variables from another set . Didnt understand? Its simple- We take a superset of ‘Coral Lip Products’. We choose two variables from it – MAC Crosswires Lipstick and Revlon Papaya Colorburst  Lip gloss and add them together to give us one very candylicious neon lip. 

Mac Crosswires Lipstick + Revlon Papaya Lipgloss= One Candy-licious Neon Lip

Proof: Refer to Pictures below

You can get by with zero eye makeup with this lip combination, but if you want to, a neutral eye makeup look can work as a catalyst for the equation!
* I used the Nyx Eyeshadow Quad in “For Brown Eyes” for this look.

Hence Proved…

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