When i was a kid, i loved linear equations. Specially those ‘Hari’s father is 20 years older than him, in ten years he will be twice his age ‘  types. They were so fun (Im a nerd i know!) Did you  notice though, how Indian math textbooks always use names like Hari, Vijay,  or Ram for examples. Tsk Tsk..get imaginative people !  Anyway, today i have a mathematical equation of a different kind.

MAC Peaches Blush + Nyx Terracotta Blush= Golden Sunkissedness

Proof: Please refer to diagrams below.

* I applied the blush heavily so that it shows up in photographs. In reality its a lot more subtle.

Hence Proved.

* I am wearing Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in Papaya in the pictures

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