I have always been partial to teddy’s- whether they come in the soft furry squeezable form, or the Victoria’s Secret Lace Teddy’s or Mac’s gorgeous brown eye kohl called..you guessed it..Teddy! Just like its furry counterpart, it picks you up on bad days with  its charm, or just proves to be a good friend on an ordinary work day.

Mac Says 
 “Eye Kohl is a  soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish”

Mac Teddy: The Color                                                                                                                       Teddy is a rich bronzed brown  (like  dark coffee beans) with really pretty little flecks of gold in it. It is these specks of shimmer that elevate Teddy from just another eye pencil (or soft toy) to a whole different level of prettiness! This is not your average cute little soft toy, it is a color that you can wear for night outs, smudged on your lid with a bit of gold, or just as an everyday eye liner ! With browns you run the risk of looking slightly washed out, atleast on my skin i feel i do but the richness of teddy is unparalelled, and i can wear this with ease!

Mac Teddy Eye Kohl Swatch

General Thoughts on MAC Eye Kohls
Mac Eye Kohl’s are rich, creamy and intensely pigmented which makes them glide on in a breeze. The intense richness of color is what sets them apart . They come in a range of super gorgeous colors- I have Powersurge, Smoulder and Teddy. In general, they are smudgy eye pencils , atleast they definitely smudge on me but i guess they intended them to  be soft and smudgy for that au natural look- depending on your personal preference you may love or hate this.. Smoulder is definitely the smudgiest of the lot for me, and the others smudge slightly depending on how much you play around with your eye.

Overall Verdict  4.5/5 or A

Price: 990/- (I am not sure about the exact price)

Will I repurchase: This will last me a lifetime

Recommendation: Teddy is one of the richest, prettiest bronzey browns in the market- perfect for everyday wear , or paired with pretty gold eyeshadows for nightime. It is Rich, Creamy, Intensely Pigmented. It does smudge on me (i have oily lids) but the smudging is  not out of control, and if anything i guess it adds to the soft look teddy gives. I guess it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend on a pretty brown eyeliner, that might be easily dupable.

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