Amidst the Cyndi’s and the Gaga’s , MAC Viva Glam’s first lipstick seems to have not really got its due. I feel bad for it, because this red is one of the most wearable ones i have seen! It is the kind of reds that  i can imagine a Marilyn Monroe wearing- a subdued  , warm red that the hollywood beauties of yester year sported..its not very in your face and can be worn in  a variety of ways..

MAC Viva Glam 1 Swatch
Mac Viva Glam 1: The Brown Girl’s Red
Viva Glam 1 is a matte true red, which is warm in tone. It is deeper and more subtle than russian red, and probably has a bit of brown mixed in which makes it so great for darker and warm toned girls to wear. Not to say that lighter girls cannot rock this( they rock ALL reds), but medium toned or olive girls like me who always feel like red can sometimes clash against our skin tone wont be dissapointed. My sister actually wears this lipstick every single day!. She just applies it on, then presses her lips down on tissue paper, and blots her mouth wherever there is excess lipstick. The result- a naturally stained red lip which looks like you havent got any lipstick on!

General Thoughts on MAC Matte Finishes

MAC Matte finishes, as the name suggests are -Matte. They are uber pigmented, and totally opaque which is great for those with pigmented lips. Depending on which lipstick you get , they can range from really dry to comfortable to wear, but i recommend wearing a chapstick under them. The flipside though is that they last A REALLLY long time. I mean you can throw em on early morning and eat, drink water and they will stay put till the evening. I get more than 8 hours of wear with these which are pretty impressive.

Mac Viva Glam 1 Swatch

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-

Price: 990/-

Recommendation: If you are looking for a way to wear a bright red without going over the top MAC Viva Glam 1 will not dissapoint- specially if you are a warm toned medium to dark girl ! (Its so hard to find red lipsticks that work for us!!). It also works very well as aa  tint..just apply, press on tissue paper,  and you have a naturally reddish tint  to your lips..

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